Changes in H. P. C. Play Dates

The dates for the performances of the Hasty Pudding Club's play have been changed as follows: the graduate performance will be given in the club theatre on April 5 and undergraduate performance on April 6.

There will be a public performance in Cambridge at the club theatre on April 7 and two public performances in Jordan Hall, Boston, April 8 and 9. Tickets will be put on sale on March 29 at the following places: for the undergraduate and graduate performances at Leavitt & Peirce's for the Cambridge public performance and for the Boston performances at Amee's for the Boston performance only, at Herrick's ticket agency.

In addition to the cast that has been published in the CRIMSON a number of minor parts have been assigned.

Dancing girls--H. C. Clark '11, F. M. Burnham '11, F. W. Gilbert '11, R. W. Tilney '10, G. R. Harding '11, R. Haydock '10, J. Tyler '10, C. G. Burden '11.

Slaves--S. Cobb '10, J. B. E. Wheeler '10, S. O. Richardson '11, P. D. Howe '11, F. R. Maxwell '10, B. Whitney '10.

Stenographers--McG. A. King '10, L. F. Whitney '10, H. V. Morgan '10.

Soldiers--E. Harding '11, J. A. Sweetser '11, G. A. Parker '10, J. R. Chapin '10, W. B. Parsons '10, J. S. Reed '10, C. D. Osborne '10, J. Shillito '11, O, Iselin '11, T. G. Aspinwall '10, G. G. Zabriskie '10, J. D. Foots '10, S. T. Hicks '10, P. C. Madeira '10, G. Mather '10, C. E. Cotting '11.