1911 Senior Allotment in Thayer

The assignment of rooms in the north and middle entries of Thayer Hall to members of next year's Senior class is as follows:

Thayer, middle entry.--Room 2, "Winthrop Beaches": R. H. Weller, G. R. Wilbur. Rooms 6, 8, "Ted Coys": E. Angell, F. M. Eliot, J. C. Janney, P. S. Twitchell. Room 7, "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson": H. H. Heath, H. Osgood 2d. Rooms 9-12, "Slippery Elms": C. P. Aiken, F. Ayer, Jr., A. Gregg, A. Stevens, W. G. Taussig, A. Wheeler. Rooms 13- 16, "Java Men": R. P. Dunning, W. C. Greene, A. M. Osgood, S. C. Simons, S. B. Steel, H. B. Wehle, R. G. Williams, W. F. Williams. Rooms 17, 19, "Also Rans": M. W. Cox, F. A. Hubbard, H. M. Joy. Room 18, "C. Q. D.": P. H. Bunker, T. E. Smith, Jr. Room 20, "Kendall- Karver": W. K. Blodgett, R. C. Staebner. North entry--Rooms 45, 50, "Rammy, Butler, Jimmie, and John": C. S. Collier, G. Kaemmerling, F. F. Lincoln, P. H. Smith. Rooms 51, 52, 55, 56, "Aeolians": P. H. Foster, J. W. B. Ladd, H. W. Robbins, L. W. Stampley, H. S. Stiles, F. R. Titcomb, B. S. Ulrich, P. Ver Planck. Rooms 57, 58, "Rubes": T. S. Behre, K. R. Macgowan, P. Mariett, E. W. Wescott. Room 60, "Milo": E. B. Cox, Jr. Rooms 61, 62, "Forty Thieves": H. Brightman, R. Brunel, H. L. Davis, P. C. Nash. Rooms 63-66, "Patrick Henry": N. J. Bond, K. Bouve, L. H. Cushing, H. S. Knauer, R. V. Moody, P. Newton, A. C. Roberts, R. S. Tucker. Room 67., "J. W. H.": J. W. Hall. Room 68, "A. B. C.'s": J. Murdoch, R. Murdoch.

Some rooms are held over by Juniors at present occupying them. They are: Room 1, W. L. Clark. Room 4, T. P. Cooper. Room 46, F. A. Welch, E. A. Bemis. Room 48, E. L. Viets, E. D. Houser. Room 59, C. W. Collier.

It is imperative that all men sign up for their rooms--whether assigned or held over--by 1 o'clock today, at the Phillips Brooks House. In the event of failure to sign, it will be necessary to forfeit such rooms for immediate re-assignment.

Unfortunately, there were not enough rooms in the two reserved entries to meet all the applications. Therefore, as many as possible were provisionally assigned to available rooms in the south entry, with the permission of the Bursar. If they wish to take these rooms, they may do so by signing for them at the Brooks House today before 1 o'clock.

The rooms thus provisionally assigned in the south entry are: Room 22, "Dr. Jekyl's": T. S. Kenyon, H. D. Barton. Room 36, "Simple Septimus": M. S. Lewis. Room 40, "W. R. Blake's": H. C. Merriam, Jr., L. E. Stover, Jr. Room 41, "John Smith": D. Greene. Room 43, "Dick Spensers": N. B. Dee, C. W. Findlay. Room 44. "John Halifax": H. E. Ohler, R. Holt.

The committee would also like to have those men call this morning, who had intended to retain their rooms in the north and middle entries of Thayer; but relinquished them in favor of the incoming Seniors, and who desire a certain preference in the Bursar's allotment of College rooms.

All these matters must be arranged at the committee office before 1 o'clock today.