Boston Art Museum Conferences

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is holding a series of conferences on art in the galleries of the museum at 2.30 o'clock on specified days.--Tickets of admission can be had on application by letter to the secretary of the museum. Applicants are requested to specify the conferences they desire to hear in the order of their preference. One ticket only, entitling to a seat at the conference earliest in order of preference for which tickets remain, will be sent in immediate response. A ticket for each additional conference applied for will be sent on the day before the conference, if places then remain.

The dates for the remaining conferences are as follows:

Thursday, March 3, in the Buddhist Room, Mr. Chinosuke Niiro will speak in Japanese, interpreted by Mr. Kojiro Tomita, on "Japanese Sculpture."

Thursday, March 10, in the Archaic Room, by Mr. Lacey D. Caskey, on "Archaic Greek Art."

Thursday, March 17, in the Panel Room, by Mr. John Briggs Potter. A Conversation on "Italian Primitives."

Thursday, March 24, in the Japanese Corridor, by Mr. Francis Stewart Kershaw, on "Chinese Pottery."

Thursday, March 31, in the Mastaba Gallery, by Mr. Joseph Lindon Smith, on "A Mastaba Chamber."