In Race Over 4-Mile Course Yesterday.--University Crew Victorious.

In the annual trial race held yesterday to decide what men will be retained on the University squad for the rest of the spring, the University eight defeated the third crew by three lengths and the second by six lengths. The Freshman crew rowed the last two miles and maintained the lead which it was given at the start.

The race was held over the four-mile course on the Charles River from the Stillman Infirmary to the Union Boat Club. Though the water was somewhat rough, the race started at 4.15 o'clock. All three crews left the starting line rowing a rather high stroke, the third seven lengths ahead of the second, and the second four lengths ahead of the University eight. The form displayed by each of the three crews was fairly good during the first part of the race.

The first boat closed up the distance between it and the second steadily, reducing the four lengths given at the start to about a length by the time the Weld boathouse was reached. At the second bridge below Boylston street, there was less than a length of open water between each crew. The University eight was unable to pass either the second or the third crew until just before the Longwood bridge. At this point Cutler raised the stroke slightly and first the second and then the third were passed. From Longwood bridge on, a lead was maintained, though the rowing was distinctly poor. Having a clean lead over both crews just below the Longwood bridge, the University eight settled down to increase this lead. For a short stretch the boat went rather well, but, as it neared Harvard bridge, it was noticeably heavy and did not run well between strokes. All the men lacked drive at the finish, and could not control their slides so as to turn round quickly at the catch. Rough water interfered with the blade work and, during the last quarter-mile, the rowing was extremely ragged. Cutler, at stroke, was unable to raise the beat though King called upon the men several times.

The work of the third crew was a surprise, while that of the second was a disappointment. Early in the race the second petered out, while the third maintained its power and drive almost to the end. Though defeated by the University eight, it held its own with the second.

On the whole, the exhibition of the Freshman crew in its first race was encouraging, though the blade work was not very good.

Individually the University eight showed up fairly well. Metcalf at 7 lost some of his drive at the finish in the last mile. Leslie at 4 was a trifle slow at the catch at different times, and Hooper at 3 was rather unsteady towards the end.

The orders:

University crew.--Stroke. Cutler; 7, Metcalf; 6, Newton; 5, Bacon; 4, Leslie; 3. Hooper; 2, Sargent; bow, Whitney; cox., King.

Second crew.--Stroke, Forster; 7, Coe; 6, Strong; 5, L. Smith; 4, Cudahy; 3, Loring; 2, Waite; bow, Wiggins; cox., Voorhees.

Third crew.--Stroke, Trumbull; 7, Anderson; 6, Parker; 5, Beane; 4, M. Peabody; 3, Jowett; 2, Hoar; bow, C. Peabody; cox., Kempton.

Freshman crew.--Stroke, Goodale; 7, Moffat; 6, Cutler; 5, Keays; 4, Lincoln; 3, Parmenter; 2, Nelson; bow, Meyer; cox., Abeles.