Men Needed for Class Crews.

[We invite all men in the University to submit communications on subjects of timely interest.]

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The outlook for upper class crews is most discouraging. Only enough men responded to the call issued in yesterday's CRIMSON to make up one first crew. Though there was a mistake in the announcement of boathouses and coaches, this error had nothing to do with the small number of candidates who reported for the first day's work.

Surely if the interest in class rowing is so slight that cold weather is a deterrent, the class races had best be cancelled. The trouble, however, cannot be attributed so much to a lack of interest as to an absence of a sense of responsibility. Every candidate must realize that his daily presence is essential to the success of his crew, for without regularity and promptness in reporting, absolutely nothing can be accomplished.

This appeal is not directed to men who desire an outing on the Charles once or twice a week, but to those who contemplate serious, conscientious work for the success of their class crews. The coaches have the right to expect, and will require promptness and regularity of attendance. Consider the significance of this second call, oarsmen in the three upper classes, and make amends for yesterday's poor showing. J. E. WAID '10.