Enough men reported for the opening class crew practice yesterday to make up one first boat. Two classes were unable to turn out eight men for their class crews. Can it be that class spirit has ebbed so low that only the glamour of the University "H" will induce men to row on a chilly afternoon? It seems almost as if undergraduates had given up the idea of participating in athletics for the sake of the sport and exercise, not to mention the honor of the class. That it takes some time to develop a crew is almost too well known to require comment, and it is strange indeed that there are not eight men in the Senior and Junior classes who appreciate the responsibility which this fact lays upon them. The class rowing season lasts only six weeks, the drudgery is reduced to a minimum, and the work is exhilarating; yet two classes have not energy enough to man one eight-oared shell! If this humiliating indifference continues, we should like to see the class presidents take the matter in hand.