1913 Baseball Game with St. George's

The Freshman baseball team will play St. George's at Newport, R. I., at 4 o'clock this afternoon. On May 7 Browne and Nichols defeated St. George's, 6 to 3, but was defeated by the Freshmen on May 13 by 7 to 2.

The line-ups: HARVARD 1913.  ST. GEORGE'S. Brown, c.f.  2b., Landreth Coon, l.f.  c.f., B. Wall Tomes, 3b.  p. or l.f., Kelley Lowrey, s.s.  s.s., Swain Watson, 1b.  c., A Wall Hollister, r.f.  l.f. or p., Wallier Holbrook, 2b.  r.f., Hoskier Sullivan, c.  3b., Deining Hardy, Bartholf, p.  1b., Bush