Scrub Baseball Preliminaries Ended

The preliminary round of the scrub baseball series ended yesterday afternoon on Soldiers Field. The Prickly Heats defeated the Jeffs by the score of 18 to 2, and the Nine Muses defeated the Cakeboxers by the score of 9 to 2. As a result of this preliminary round the following nine teams have qualified for the final round robin: Armor Plates, Bush Leaguers, Home Runners, Midnight Sons, Moulin Rouges, Nine Muses, Prickly Heats, Shamrocks, Squabs.

In Monday's CRIMSON the schedule of the round robin series will be printed and in Tuesday's CRIMSON will appear a list of the men on each team.

Any changes or additions which the captains wish to make must be dropped into the scrub baseball box in the CRIMSON Office before 12 o'clock Monday noon.