Crews Took Hard Row First Day Out

Harvard Crew Quarters, Red Top, New London, Conn., June 13, 1910.--This morning the University and Freshman eights and fours held their first work-out on the Thames. The University crew paddled down to the Navy Yard and back in short stretches, Waid rowing at 7 and Coach Wray at 5 in the absence of Bacon, who will arrive tomorrow in time for the afternoon row. The University four covered the same distance as the eight. The Freshman eight and four and second University four covered about one mile. Moffat who rowed 7 in the Freshman boat in the Cornell race was put back in his old position, Meyer returning again to bow. Chadwick replaced Davis at 2 and Davis and Parker went in at 2 and bow respectively in the four.

The afternoon work was much heavier, the University eight rowing over to the half-mile flag near the opposite shore and from this point three and one-half miles down-stream to the New London bridge in one stretch. The crew averaged 30 for the first two miles and a half and then Cutler raised the beat as high as 33 for the last half mile. Considering the strong head wind and tide the work of the crew was fairly good and although at times the men did not get the correct proportion throughout the stroke, the tendency to pound at the finish was much less. The crew returned to the boathouse in small stretches having covered about eight miles in all. The Freshman eight also took a long paddle down to the Navy Yard and back with a view to getting the eight together in its new order. The Freshman four covered the same distance.

As a result of the poor work of the University four in the morning a shake-up followed in the afternoon. Hooper went in at 3, Balch going to bow, while Forster was shifted to 2. In this order the crew showed much improvement. Waite went in at stroke of the second four, Smith being shifted to 3. Both crews covered something over four miles. Manager J. E. Thayer '10, R. F. Herrick '90, chairman of the advisory rowing committee, and Dr. W. E. Ladd '02, arrived here today. Dr. Ladd will remain at the quarters till after the race as medical supervisor of all the crews. The University eight received a mascot in the person of a very young and small bear cub today from Mr. Larz Anderson '88. The bear will make his quarters on the hill. Besides bringing his yacht "Tarpon" and launch "Tautog" with him to the quarters, Mr. Herrick brought a small speed boat which he has placed at Coach Wray's disposal for coaching purposes.