Crew Covered 4-Mile Course

Harvard Crew Quarters, Red Top, New London, Conn., June 15, 1910.--This morning the University eight went down-stream for a two-mile paddle, accompanied by Coach Wray in a single. Special attention was given to the finish of the stroke. The Freshman eight paddled down to Cow Point and back with Sullivan in place of Weston at 2. This position seems to be the only unsettled one in the 1913 boat, with the choice lying between Chadwick, Weston, and Sullivan. Several combinations were tried in the University fours, but nothing like a final selection has as yet been made.

In the afternoon the University eight paddled over the regular four-mile course, and the Freshman crew rowed over the two-mile course. The University row was not a time trial as a low stroke was continually maintained and the men were paddling easy. The four miles were covered, however, in 23 minutes and 25 seconds, which is good considering the head tide that was running. As a whole the practice was very satisfactory to Coach Wray. The crew was well together, resulting in a powerful stroke with a quick finish. No time was taken for the Freshman eight. A mile race between the University fours was held in which the second crew, stroked by Forster, won by a length and a quarter. Sargent was at 2 in the second four, while Smith rowed 2 in the first four. Some further changes are sure to follow tomorrow in the order of both these crews. E. C. Cutler '09 arrived at the quarters today, and will remain for some time.