1913 Eight Rowed Creditable Trial.--Probable Order of University Four.

Harvard Crew Quarters, Red Top, New London, Conn., June 17, 1910.--Light work was the order today for all the crews in both the morning and afternoon work-outs. The University crew tried out the old shell again in the morning, paddling easily down to the Navy Yard and back. Later the new shell was used for a short stretch. The Freshman eight paddled over the last two miles of the course, from Red Top to the Navy Yard at a fast clip. The crew started off at 35 to the minute and rowed about 32 for the remainder of the distance. The first half-mile was covered in 2 minutes and 25 seconds, with the aid of a favoring tide. The boat went very well and the trial was, in the whole, a creditable performance. The Freshman four covered two miles in all. In the morning, the University four went out in the following order: stroke, Forster; 3, Hooper; 2, Sargent; bow, Balch; cox., Voorhees. The two fours rowed down-stream for a mile and a half. Coach Wray followed the work of all the crews in a single today for both the morning and afternoon work.

The afternoon's work was the lightest which the two eights have had since their arrival at New London. The two crews rowed easily one mile down-stream and back. The University four went out with Waite at stroke in place of Forster, who stroked the second four. In one or two brushes, the second four was victorious. It seems likely that Hooper, Sargent, and Balch will be permanent now at 3, 2, and bow, respectively, in the University four, with the stroke position lying between Forster and Waite. By Monday one of these two will probably be selected as a final choice. E. C. Storrow '89, James Lawrence '00, and R. Herrick '90, were guests at the quarters today.