Senior Spread in Memorial Tonight

The thirteenth annual Senior Spread will be held in Memorial Hall this evening from 8 to 1 o'clock. There will be 20 dances, the first of which will begin at 8.30 o'clock.

Supper will be served on the lawn west of Memorial Hall from 9.30 to 12 o'clock. Boxes have been fitted up on both sides of the Delta, those with even numbers on the Kirkland street side and those with odd numbers on the Cambridge street side. In front of these boxes there is a row of tables, having places for six, numbered from 100 to 200, and in front of these a second row of tables having places for four, numbered from 200 to 300. Persons who are not assigned to boxes or tables on the printed list may obtain places by applying to an usher. Dance programs will be given out at the door to any not already provided with them. Tickets may be bought at the door by Seniors for themselves and their guests.

In order to avoid confusion, the north door facing Kirkland street will be used for those arriving in carriages, and the south door facing Cambridge street will be used by pedestrians. After 11 o'clock both doors will be thrown open to those leaving by carriage. Carriage checks will indicate at which door carriages will wait. A special car will leave from in front of Memorial Hall for Adams square at 1 o'clock and taxicabs will be found waiting for those who desire them.

Ushers are expected to be in Memorial Hall promptly at 7.45 o'clock.

Head usher: R. C. Foster. Ushers: E. Angell, F. Ayer, Jr., E. A. Benils, H. F. Boynton, H. Brightman, R. C. Floyd, A. Gregg, C. Hann, Jr., G. R. Harding P. W. Hobart, R. S. Hopkins, R. Hornblower, J. Kean, 2nd, H. A. Rogers, H. C. Ross, P. D. Smith, W. D. Sohier, Jr., G. S. Squibb, B. S. Viles.