Entertainment Committee in Chicago

The Harvard club of Chicago has appointed a permanent Entertainment committee to meet men from the University when they arrive in that city for the first time. The object of this committee is to see that the newcomer has opportunities to meet Harvard men in Chicago and to alleviate as much as possible the sensation of strangeness which is felt by a young graduate coming in search of a position, to an unknown city for the first time. The club wishes that the undergraduates should know of the existence of this committee, so if later they decide to go to Chicago they may be sure of a welcome from any member of the following committee: A. Boal '00, 150 Michigan avenue; A. G. cable '09, 240 Wabash avenue; F. S. Churchill '86, 1259 North state street; F. D. Delsno '85, Western Union Building; H. A. deWindt '81, 215 Monroe street; W. E. Egan '05, 189 La Salle Street; F. Hamlin '84, 107 Dearborn street; G. S. Jackson '05, Monsdnock Block; G. R. Jones '05, 205 La Salie street; C. H. Schweppe '02. The Rookery: S. K. Wood '92, 3924 Michigan avenue.