Substitutes Scored Three Touchdowns Against Second Team.--Gardner at Quarterback on First.

The University football squad was given its first hard practice of the week yesterday afternoon in the shape of an hour's scrimmage with the second team. In the first 40 minutes of this the substitutes scored three touchdowns, but in the last 20 minutes the first team, which took the substitutes' place was only allowed to run off its plays very slowly, and made no score. Neither Potter nor Felton took part, although the former was on the sidelines. Gardner again played quarter on the first team, and Freedley ran the substitutes. The latter made some good forward passes.

Two of the substitutes' three scores were made on long runs, by Stow and Pierce, while the other came after a steady advance down the field, Morrison finally carrying the ball over for the touchdown. Stow's run; of about 70 yards, was made after picking up a fumble, and Pierce's, of 75 yards, was the runback of a kick.