Word has been received that the French Government has created President Lowell an officer of the Legion of Honor. Such a distinction is given to Frenchmen and, less often, to foreigners only in recognition of eminent services rendered to the French nation. That it has been conferred upon President Lowell shows the high esteem in which he is held in France. It is evidence further that the French believe that he has been highly influential in arousing among Americans an interest in France and promoting friendship between the two nations. President Lowell's efforts that have resulted in putting upon a permanent foundation the international exchange of eminent professors between the Sorbonne and Harvard were perhaps uppermost in the minds of those who conferred upon him this distinction.

Those who are watching the tendencies of public opinion at home and abroad have noticed of late an awakened interest about America and American thought in France which is reciprocated in this country by a marked increase of attention to French life and culture. It is a source of great gratification to Harvard that President Lowell should be one of the first Americans selected by the French Republic to be honored for advancing this international fellowship.