In Freshman Class as Indicated by Statistics Gathered at Phillips Brooks House.

The following statistics give a general comparison of the denominations represented in the Freshman class of this year. Although only 494 members of the class signed the Phillips Brooks House cards, a fair idea of how the class is represented can be obtained from the figures given below.

Episcopalians come first with 32 per cent. of the total number of men registered, having almost twice as many as any other denomination; Unitarians are second with 17 per cent.; Congregationalists are third with 14.7 per cent.; and Catholics fourth with 14.5 per cent. The complete list is as follows: Episcopalians 150, Unitarians 84, Congregationalists 73, Catholics 72, Hebrews 38, Baptists 21, Methodists 20, Presbyterians 15, Lutherans 8, Universalists 7, Christian Scientists 5, Unprofessed 1.