The thirteenth annual intercollegiate cross-country run will be held over the Brookline Country Club course this morning at 11 o'clock. Each team will be composed of seven men, of which the first five to finish will score. Each place will count according to its numerical value, and the team with the least total will win.

The course will be of the regular intercollegiate length, six miles, consisting of three irregular loops of different size. The start will be about 200 yards north day in the time of 34 minutes, 41 3-5 seconds. T. S. Berna of Cornell, who was second in last year's race and winner two years ago, was second, about 30 yards behind Jones, and W. M. McCurdy of Pennsylvania was third.

P. R. Withington '12, the first University man to finish, took fifth place a short distance behind F. S. Harmon of Dartmouth; F. W. Copeland '13, was seventh; R. St. B. Boyd '14, eleventh; F. W. Blackman '14, fourteenth, and W. H. Lacey '12, twenty-first. These five men scored for the University.

The course was of the regular intercollegiate length, six miles, and consisted of three irregular loops, the first about three miles long and the others about a mile and a half each. The start and finish were in front of the grandstand. Owing to the rain yesterday and the frost this morning, the footing was very poor. In some places the ground was covered with mud and puddles of water, and in others was very treacherous from the thawing of frozen surfaces.

Only three men of the seventy entered failed to appear at the starting line, and shortly after 11 o'clock sixty-seven men were sent away. For the first half-mile the squad kept pretty well together, but from this point on they began to stretch out. At the head of the first loop, a mile and a half from the start, a group of about ten, among whom were Jones, Berna and Withington, were in the lead. These three continued to keep together, Withington generally setting the pace, until after the four mile mark was passed. Then Jones took the lead and began to lengthen out the distance between himself and Berna and Berna in turn began to gain on Withington. Before long Withington had dropped behind McCurdy, and in the last half mile was passed by Harmon.

At the finish Berna came in a good deal faster than Jones did, but as the latter was not pushed, he probably did not use all his reserve power. Copeland and Boyd both ran good races, the latter beating out Finch, of Cornell, by a very few yards for eleventh place.

Following is the order in which the first twelve men finished, and also the score of each team:

Individual placing-Winner, J. P. Jones, Cornell; 2, T. S. Berna, Cornell; 3, W. M. McCurdy Pennsylvania; 4, P. S. Harmon, Dartmouth; 5, P. R. Withington, '12; 6, N. S. Taber, Brown; 7, F. W. Copeland '13; 8, H. T. Ball, Dartmouth; 9, L. C. Madeira 3rd, Pennsylvania; 10, F. R. Mercesu, Dartmouth; 11, R. St. Boyd '14; 12, L. Finch, Cornell.

Team scores-Cornell, 48; Harvard. 58; Pennsylvania, 125; Dartmouth, 137; Technology 129; Yale, 154; Syracuse, 156; Brown, 188; Columbia, 232; Princeton 236