Price Greenleaf Awards for 1910-11

The Committee on Scholarships and other Aids for Undergraduates has made assignments from the Price Greenleaf Fund for 1910-11 to the following students: G. E. Akerson uC., of Minneapolis, Minn.; R. H. Allen '14, of Fulton, N. Y.; S. Barron, Jr., '14, of Chelsea, Mass.; W. A. Berridge '14, of East Lynn, Mass.; T. J. Breen, Jr., '14, of West Hingham, Mass.; J. T. Cater '12, of Atlanta, Ga.; A. H. Clifford '14, of Newcastle, Me.; E. T. Cohen '14, of Roxbury, Mass.; H. Daniels '14, of Boston; D. M. Levy '14, of Scranton, Pa.; J. Lorenz '14, of Delphi, Pa.; D. B. McKinnon '14, of Somerville, Mass.; E. F. McLaughlin '14, of Cambridge; P. M. Mazur '14, of Roxbury, Mass.; J. B. Moore '14, of Concord, Mass.; A. E. C. Oliver '14, of Roxbury, Mass.; H. E. Pierce '14, of New Bedford, Mass.; M. S. Pritchard '14, of Owego, N. Y.; I. C. Roll '14, of Cincinnati, Ohio; E. R. Schaeffer uC., of Olney, Ill.; A. E. Trombly uC., of Worcester, Mass.; L. K. Urquhart '14, of West Lynn, Mass.; R. Vicario '14, of Providence, R. I.; S. F. Withe '14, of Springfield, Mass.