The speeches at tonight's Engineering Dinner should possess interest for a large and varied number of men. Naturally, for engineering students, both graduate and undergraduate, the occasion will be of exceptional value. In addition, the fact that tonight's remarks will treat the different phases of engineering will render them valuable for two other classes of students. To men in the elementary stages of engineering study, who have not yet decided upon the particular branch of their profession which they will ultimately adopt, tonight's exposition of the whole field should be of aid in determining in this final choice. Secondly, men who have not yet determined upon a career, will have a chance this evening to gain some knowledge of the advantages and opportunities which are offered by the profession of engineering.

The prominence of tonight's speakers affords a clear indication of the position at present occupied by the Harvard Engineering Department. With growing faculties, more scholarships, and improved facilities, the department should soon rank first in this country. This rapid development adds increased importance to the annual reunions of the Engineering Societies.