Only Six 1913 Dinner Tickets Sold

It seems impossible after all that has been said about the Sophomore dinner, and particularly after it has been announced that the second and third dinners were to be combined in one, that there should be but six tickets sold up to the present time. Tickets have been on sale at Leavitt & Peirce's for weeks, and have been placed in the hands of the Dinner Committee, announcements have been made in the CRIMSON, and editorials written, and all to no purpose. The Dinner Committee has done all in its power and now it is in the hands of the class. The dinner will be a failure unless one hundred or more are present. Everything else has been done to make it a source of enjoyment and pleasure for all who attend. Tickets can be secured from the following men as well as at Leavitt & Peirce's: A. Francis, F. W. Hubbell, S. H. McKee, P. J. Roosevelt, G. M. Rushmore, W. Tufts, W. M. E. Whitelock. Everybody will be conferring a great favor upon the class and its officers by buying tickets today. 1913 DINNER COMMITTEE.