Barely Defeated Second Freshmen in Last 100 Yards of Beacon Cup Regatta.

The Freshman crew won the Beacon Cup Regatta for class crews yesterday afternoon, finishing a scant half-length ahead of the second Freshman eight after a hard race. The Juniors were third, two lengths behind the second Freshmen, and a length ahead of the Seniors. The second Sophomores were fifth and the Sophomores last.

The first start was recalled, as number 2 in the Freshman boat jumped his oar from the lock. On the second start the Freshmen took the lead, rowing 42, closely followed by the Seniors and second Freshmen.

At the half-mile the second crew began to gain on the first, and at Harvard Bridge had gained a lead of half a length, which was opened to a length in the next few hundred yards. At this point the Juniors had passed the Seniors. A quarter of a mile below the bridge the Freshmen began to hit their pace and gained slowly on the second, passing them just before the finish line.

The work of the Freshman eight was a great improvement on that of the last few days. The men were well together and rowed a good race throughout, especially in the last mile. The second eight also rowed well, E. Curtis at stroke driving the crew hard. The Juniors rowed in good form, but maintained a low stroke. Number 5 of the Sophomore crew broke his rigger a little below Harvard Bridge.

The orders:

Senior crew.-Stroke, Shillito; 7, Perkins; 6, Coe; 5, Jowett; 4, Williams; 3, Kean; 2, Allen; bow, Hopkins; cox., Everett.

Junior crew.-Stroke, Trumbull; 7, Holt; 6, Barnes; 5, Weston; 4, Hoar; 3, Peabody; 2, Hunnewell; bow, Smart; cox., Kempton.

Sophomore crew.-Stroke, Davis; 7, Nelson; 6, Sullivan; 5, Weston; 4, Lincoln; 3, Parker; 2, Sargent; bow, Handy; cox., A. Abeles.

Second Sophomore crew. - Stroke, Day; 7, Locke; 6, Vickery; 5, Talbot; 4, Eckfeldt; 3, Schafer; 2, Barron; bow, Taggart; cox., Philips.

Freshman crew. - Stroke, Harrower; 7, Mills; 6, Trumbull; 5, Converse; 4, Gardiner; 3, Reynolds; 2, Crombie; bow, Carver; cox., Boyd.

Second Freshman crew. - Stroke, E. Curtis; 7, L. Curtis; 6, Morgan; 5, Taylor; 4, Cleary; 3, Storer; 2, Wentworth; bow, Walker; cox., Roosevelt.