Elaborate Costumes and Tasteful Setting Featured Notable Entertainment.

The reception and masque in honor of M. Eugene Armand Duquesne held in the Union last evening was very successful. The masque represented a visit of King Edward VI to the University of Cambridge, where an entertainment entitled "A Masque of Prophecy" is given in his honor.

The Living Room of the Union was decorated with tapestries and banners, and the costumes were very elaborate. The entire audience was dressed either in costumes of the sixteenth century or in academic gowns to carry out the spirit of the occasion.

After the audience was seated, the procession including King Edward VI and his court entered, accompanied by the celebrated French architect, Daniele Barbaro and other guests of honor. The masque itself, representing the progress of architecture through the ages then proceeded. Father Time introduced, in order, the spirits of the various styles of architecture. Each spirit was accompanied by different figures including the Romanesque, Gothic, Elizabethan, and Classic orders, each group of figures participating in a dance. This was followed by a representation of modern architecture as prophesied by the students of Cambridge University. The second masque represented the uniting of ancient and modern architecture.

A collation and informal reception to M. Duquesne followed in the Dining Room. Among the patrons were President Eliot, President Lowell and other members of the Faculty, as well as several prominent Boston architects.