16 Lacrosse Insignia Awarded

The following men have been awarded the University lacrosse insignia: H. Brightman '11, of Fall River; R. Beatley '13, of Roxbury; W. C. Blackett '12, of Somerville; F. W. Candee '12, of Wallace, Idaho; K. B. Day 1G., of Bridgeport, Conn.; C. C. Earle, Jr., '12, of Roxbury; A. B. Fitts '11, of South Framingham; J. F. Foristall '13, of East Boston; P. Gustafson '12, of Cambridge; G. R. Hale '12, of South Boston; J. S. Hutchinson '13, of West Haven, Conn.; P. C. Nash '11, of Allston; C. S. Parker '12, of Woburn; R. S. Simmons '13, of South Boston; L. H. Washburn '11, of Mason, N. H.; H. T. Webber '11, of Winchester.