New London Regatta on Friday, June 30.--Comparison of the Crews.

The annual boat races with Yale, will be rowed on the Thomas river at New London on Friday, June 30. The race between the University eights will be rowed down-stream over the four-mile course, starting opposite Red Top, at 5 o'clock, and finishing at the railroad bridge at New London. The race between the Freshman eights will be rowed at 10.30 o'clock from the railroad bridge to the Navy Yard, a course of two miles. Immediately following this race the University fours will race over the upper two miles of the course, starting at the Navy Yard and finishing opposite Red Top. The races may have to be postponed on account of weather conditions but this will not be done unless it is absolutely necessary. In case the University eight-oared race cannot take place before 7 o'clock on June 30 it will be rowed down-stream the next afternoon, and the Freshman and four-oared races if postponed, will be rowed in the morning. If either crew is disabled by a bona-fide accident within the first half-mile of the University eight-oared race, the crews will be recalled. On Thursday afternoon. June 29, the Freshman fours will row down-stream over the first mile of the course, and the graduate eights will row down-stream over a half-mile course.

Development of University Crew.

When the University eight commenced its fall practice there were three places to be filled as well as the coxswain's seat. Captain J. E. Waid '10, E. C. Bacon '10, R. Whitney '11, and McG. A. King '10, were lost by graduation. The veterans in the boat and material from the Freshman and University four-oared crews gave good prospects of turning out a fast eight. After the first few days of practice a very important change was made. Goodale went in at stroke, Cutler changing over to the starboard side of the boat at 7. In three previous years Cutler had stroked a victorious crew at New London so the shift was regarded as a radical one. He was somewhat too large and heavy for the ideal stroke and it was thought that he could use his great power to more advantage at 7. Metcalf rowed 5 in the absence of Withington who was playing football. Hooper went in at 3, Balch at 2 and Meyer at bow. In this order the crew easily defeated the second and third crews in the four-mile race at Cambridge which marked the end of the fall rowing. With the beginning of spring practice several changes were made. Withington returned to the boat at No. 5, Metcalf going back to 3. Hooper, Balch, Waite, Startton, and Meyer were tried out for the two bow positions, Hooper and Balch being the final choice at 2 and bow, respectively. The crew rowed in this order except for short illnesses on the part of Whithington and Newton until the spring recess when Hooper was taken ill with measles. Startton took his place at 2. It was expected that Hooper would return after the Cornell race but a sunstroke a few days before prevented all possibility of his rowing again this season.

On May 27 the eight was defeated by Cornell on Lake Cayuga by two lengths. The crew rowed very well but met its superior in the remarkably fast Cornell crew. After this race a slight modification was made in the stroke. The body swing was not carried so far back, going but little further than the perpendicular, the hands being brought in sharply at the finish. The feather is carried until the instant before the catch, the oars being turned sharply at the moment.

The squad went to Red Top on Monday, June 12. The order to the University eight remained the same until last Saturday when from 4 to stroke, changing places with Goodale. This change was made to improve the rhythm and finish and seems fully justified. On Tuesday the eight rowed a trial over the four-mile course in 20 minutes and 26 seconds.

Review of Yale Crew's Season.

When Yale started her season it was her firm intention to break the string of Harvard victories. There was but little material from last year's crew and at present Captain Frost is the only veteran in the boat. Coach Kennedy early set about looking for heavy, powerful men and first chose a crew averaging well over 170 pounds. On May 13 this crew was decisively beaten by Pennsylvania at Springfield. Several changes were made and the next Saturday the eight was again easily defeated by Cornell and Princeton. After this race Lowe was put in at stroke and the crew much improved. In the three weeks that the squad has been at Gales Ferry no change has been made and good progress has been made. The crew has paddled over the course in easy time but no fast work has been tried.

Comparison of Harvard and Yale Crews.

Again as for several years the University eight is the heavier and more powerful crew, and has had more experience. No man in the crew has ever been defeated in a Yale race. Harvard both from past performance and present indication seems to have the faster crew. The Yale boat seems to travel well at a very low stroke but what it can do at a high stroke is unknown.

The Freshman eight is developing rapidly. Early in the spring the prospects seemed good but when Chanler, who was at stroke went on probation at the hour examinations, the crew seemed to go to pieces. Four other strokes were tried out but nothing seemed to make the necessary improvement and the crew was badly beaten by Cornell 1914. Since going to Red Top, however, tremendous improvement has been shown and there seems to be a good chance for victory against the powerful Yale freshmen.

The University four is light and quick, and rows well at most times. Sometimes, however, at a high stroke the recovery is forced badly and the boat does not travel well. The Freshman four is a very good crew and looks to be a winner.

W. A. Meikleham of Columbia will again act as referee, and F. V. Chapell of Yale as chairman of the Regatta Committee.

The present orders are:

Harvard University eight.--stroke, Newton; 7, Cutler; 6 Strong; 5, Withington; 4, Goodale; 3, Metcalf; 2, Stratton; bow, Balch, cox., C. Abeles.

Yale University eight.--stroke, Lowe; 7 Van Blarcom; 6, Philbin; 5, Romeyn; 4, Tucker; 3, Scully; 2, Field; bow, Frost; cox., Copp.