Boston Harvard Club Scholarships

The Harvard Club of Boston has established five scholarships of $200 each to be awarded annually to properly qualified graduates of public High and Latin schools (including the Roxbury Latin School), within a radius of twenty miles from the State House in Boston, during their first year in Harvard College as candidates for the degree of A.B. or S.B.

In awarding the scholarships, the committee will take into consideration the scholarly attainments of the applicants as shown by their school records, and also their character, qualities of leadership, and well-rounded development. These scholarships will be again available for the academic year 1912-13, and all young men intending to be candidates should make application on blanks provided for the purpose not later than May 1, 1912. The blank form of application, and any other information in regard to the scholarships, may be obtained either from the Secretary of the Faculty of Art and Sciences, 20 University Hall, Cambridge, or from the office of the Alumni Association, 50 State street, Boston.

In addition to the Harvard Club scholarships, students from the above mentioned group of schools are eligible to awards from the Price Greenleaf Fund, the income from which, about $16,000 annually, is given to first-year students in Harvard College who are candidates for the degree of A.B. About one hundred deserving students are assisted each year from this fund; and since a majority of the regular scholarships are not awarded until after one year's residence at the University, it gives timely aid to men who are able to qualify during their Freshman year for other scholarships, of which there are about two hundred, yielding nearly $40,000 each year. Deserving students, in the three higher classes, who do not win scholarships, may receive aid from the Beneficiary and the Loan Funds. J. F. MOORS, Chairman.   S. M. WILLIAMS,   E. H. WELLS, Secretary.   50 State treet, Boston.