Harvard Won Yacht Clubs' Race

A cruising race between the Harvard and Yale Corinthian Yacht Clubs was held in Long Island Sound on July 1, under the auspices of the Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht Club. The course extended from Bartlett's Reef Lightship, off New London, to the Seawanhaka-Corinthian Yacht Club float in Oyster Bay, a distance of 71 1-2 nautical miles. The only entry from the Yale club was the "Edjacco." The boats entered by the Harvard Yacht Club together with their owners were as follows: "Phryne," J. S. Morgan '14; "Dahinda," P. J. Roosevelt '13; "Janet," J. Peabody '06; "Opal," W. B. B. Dana '14; "Allegro," M. Wambaugh 2L.

The start was made at about 11.30 P. M., with the Phryne and the Dahinda taking the lead. On the tack toward the Long Island shore, the Phryne gained a slight lead. At about 2.30 o'clock both took a long board out into the sound again. At a point between Faulkner's Island and the Cornfield Point Lightship, the Edjacco crossed their bows. As the Phryne and the Dahinda tacked towards Long Island again, a shift of the wind enabled them to take the lead over the Edjacco. The latter was also passed by the Janet. This tack carried the boats into Smithtown Bay. From this point the Phryne pulled away from the Dahinda, finishing first. The Dahinda was second, while the Edjacco and the Janet finished in the order named. No official time was taken, but the Phryne crossed the line at approximately 1.50 A. M., and the Dahinda at about 2.25. The Edjacco finished about twenty minutes later.