Fantastic Comedy by E. G. Knoblauch '96 Well Acted by Mr. William Faversham.

This evening will be Harvard Night at the Shubert Theatre, Boston, where "The Faun," by E. G. Knoblauch '96, is being presented. Members of the Dramatic Club may obtain tickets at half prices to this performance, which will begin at 8.15 o'clock.

"The Faun" is a fantastic comedy in three acts and was first produced at Daly's Theatre, New York, last January. William Faversham will play the "Faun" and Julie Opp the part of "Lady Alexandra Vancy." The play relates the experiences of a Faun mingling with modern society. The irrepressible spirit of this simple-hearted creature of nature puts to confusion the false logic of artificial society in a series of startlingly novel and highly entertaining situations, worked out with brilliant dialogue through three acts of continuously sustained interest. Mr. Faversham is singularly successful in sustaining the sense of the unhuman throughout the piece. It is an unusual play with an unusual amount of good-natured comedy.