The CRIMSON wishes to call attention to the annual fall collection of clothing, magazines, and text-books, under the auspices of Brooks House, which begins today. This collection affords an opportunity for every man in the University to assist in some measure this practical form of charity. To those especially who cannot give largely of their time to Brooks House and its work, the chance is here given to show their interest and support. The clothing and magazines received are distributed to various charitable organizations in the vicinity, and the text-books are added to the Text-Book Loan Library at Brooks House where they assist students unable to afford the expense of books. Whatever material is received is used to the best advantage.

Collectors have been appointed in the various dormitories to receive articles donated. As it may be impossible, in some cases, for the collectors to see all the men assigned to them, no one should wait to be asked for his donation but should leave it with the collector in his building. Let everyone ransack his closet and wardrobe and make the response to this call exceed all previous records.