New Fullback Greatly Strengthened Yale Team on Saturday.--Other Results.

The Yale football team, showing the effects of last week's drills and secret practices, defeated Syracuse on Saturday 21-0 without the help of either Captain Spalding or Bomeisler. The Yale team used the old-fashioned, plunging game, and was especially proficient in following the ball, Avery recovering it twice on the Syracuse 30-yard line.

The greatest feature of the game was the playing of Flynn, a man ineligible last year. Several times he got off 50-yard punts, and went crashing through the opposing line whenever called upon. His ability in kicking and line-plunging greatly resembled that of Coy.

The greatest obstacle facing the coaches at present is in developing an efficient quarterback. Cornell, Cornish, Dyer and Loftus were all given an opportunity in Saturday's game but none of them seems able to run the team with the smoothness and judgment which have characterized Yale quarterbacks in former years.

Princeton Showed Improvement.

In a decidedly "new style" game, Princeton defeated Lehigh on Saturday by the score of 35-0. The game was characterized by the use of twenty-two forward passes and many new formations, resembling the Minnesota shift.

The Princeton team showed the benefit of last week's rudimentary drills. It worked more smoothly and displayed a greater amount of snap. Four out of eight passes tried by Princeton were successful, two of them worked in the last period from Andrews to Pendleton gaining the 85 yards and a subsequent touchdown.

In comparison with last week's work Princeton showed a decided improvement. Andrews at left end and Trenkham in De Witt's position of fullback played exceptionally well, often hurling back the Lehigh backs for large losses.

Dartmouth 47, Massachusetts A. C. O.

Dartmouth defeated Massachusetts Agricultural College by the score of 47 to 0. Dartmouth did all its scoring in the first half. Her substitutes, who played the second half, were barely able to withstand the Massachusetts attack, and several times had to be reinforced by the addition of first team men.

Dartmouth scored first on a successful forward pass. The feature of the game was the work of D. Morey at right half, who made four touchdowns and several long end runs. Dartmouth's most noticeable defect was the tendency of the backfield to fumble near its own goal-line.

The scores of the other important games played Saturday were as follows:

Brown 14, Rhode Island 0.

Yale freshmen 40, Williston Academy 0.

Oberlin 13, Cornell 0.

Pennsylvania 16, Dickinson 0.

Navy 7, Johns Hopkins 3.

Army 27, Stevens 0.

Amherst 13, Colgate 0.

Williams 10, Springfield T. S. 0.

Vanderbilt 100, Marysville College 3.