The CRIMSON wishes to call the attention of students to a case now pending before the Circuit Court of Essex Country. An application has been made for a writ of mandamus to compel the election board of Cambridge to permit students who are not self-supporting to register and vote at elections. Those who are self-supporting already have this privilege, provided they comply with the other requirements of the law. Heretofore, every other student has been excluded from suffrage on the ground of non-residence, being adjudged a resident of the district where his parents live. Owing to its importance, this test case has been advanced and will probably be decided in due time to permit men to register on the days set for that purpose, October 9 to 16 (excluding Sunday the 13th). Of course a favorable decision in this case, which now seems probably will remove only the requirement that men be self-supporting. In order to vote, students must be twenty-one years of age, must have been residents of Cambridge April last, and must pay their assessments. The procedure which students must follow in order to vote at the election in November will be set forth in a circular now under preparation by one of the political clubs. With all these facilities and instructions for registration, every student who finds he can vote, will have little excuse if he does not exercise his right of suffrage in the coming election.