Longest Actual Put Was for 35 Feet, 7 1-4 Inches.

The handicap 16-pound shot-putting competition held in the Cage yesterday afternoon was won by J. C. Talbot '15. K. B. G. Parson '16 and T. Cable '13 were second and third respectively. The longest actual put was made by K. B. G. Parson '16 for a distance of 35 feet, 7 1-4 inches.

The actual distances and handicaps of the winners of the first three places were: first, J. C. Talbot '15, distance, 39 feet, 6 3-4 inches; handicap, 6 feet; second, K. B. G. Parson '16, distance 38 feet, 7 1-4 inches; handicap, 3 feet; third, T. Cable '13, distance 38 feet, 4 inches; handicap, 6 feet.