Final Cut in Baseball Squad

The final cut in the fall baseball squad leaves the following men to start practice in the spring: E. H. Alsop '15, R. R. Ayres '15, M. L. Bernson '15, W. J. Brennan '14, G. F. Bird '13, D. B. Buffum '14, S. P. Clark '14, C. W. Curtis, Jr., '14, P. L. Dillon '14, R. B. Frye '15, R. T. Gannett '15, W. E. Grifliths '14, G. H. Hands '13, F. B. Harvey '14, E. A. Herter '14, A. C. Hawkes '14, C. C. Loomis '15, A. D. Macdonald '15, W. Mason '15, B. Z. Nelson '14, D. K. Packard '15, M. B. Phillips '15, P. K. Randall '14, S. D. stevens '15, N. Sturgis '14, J. B. Waterman '15, N. S. Waterman '14, R. West '15, D. J. P. Wingate '14, J. Winlock '15, A. F. Winter '14, and W. B. Young '15.

In addition to these men, a number who have been engaged in other sports, or who have been especially excused, will join the squad in the spring.