The Federation of the territorial clubs at Harvard marks the emergence of the territorial movement from its first phase of isolated efforts by individual clubs into a new one of united endeavor which is designed to bring the entire country into closer touch with Harvard. The project is not yet fully outlined but is evidently capable of great possiblities. The fundamental idea of bringing the clubs together is an excellent one, and the Federation should be a great influence in making the efficient clubs more efficient and in stimulating the backward ones to more serious efforts. The possibilities of the territorial clubs themselves are now practically all developed, and it only remains to insure the fulfillment of these possibilities by all the clubs.

The alumni and the University authorities are greatly interested in the new undertaking, and the Associated Harvard Clubs are ready to co-operate in it by every means in their power. The Federation has the hearty support of all men interested in the territorial club movement, and has every prospect of success in its endeavors.