In the death of Dr. Arthur Tracy Cabot Harvard has lost a brilliant son and the community a faithful servant. Throughout his useful career he devoted untiring energy to the service of his profession and yet found time to accept various public duties. His service to the state for the prevention and cure of tuberculosis was remarkable. Although past middle life, he never hesitated when the needs of the Commonwealth called him, and gave up a toilsome and exacting profession to accept a chairmanship of the State Board for Relief and Control of Tuberculosis, which entailed duties, if possible, more toilsome. His work on the Harvard Corporation was distinguished by the same thoroughness and comprehensive interest as he showed in his profession. His special committee had to do with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Fogg Art Museum. He also lectured at the Medical School and had served on the committee which supervised the construction of the new medical buildings. Dr. Cabot's career was one marked by comprehensive interests and severe work, and through these he served well the College and the community.