1912 Count In All Departments Shows 75,851 More Volumes and Pamphlets Than Last Year.

According to the yearly court for 1912, the University Library now numbers 1,664,900 volumes and pamphlets, an increase of 75,851 over 1911. Since its average growth during the previous 5 years has been only 61,065, the above figures show a remarkable development in the part year. The College Library, including Gore Hall and 36 special reference collections, aggregates 1,053,506 volumes and pamphlets, as against 1,017,494 in 1911. Since 1840, the Library has doubled in size every twenty years.

Largest Growth in Law School.

Of the departmental libraries, that of the Law School reveals the greatest development, with an increase of 25,600 over 1911; the Medical School follows with 4,851; then the Museum of Zoology with 2,369. These are merely examples of the general growth which is going on in all departments.

With regard to the vacating of Gore, between 40,000 and 50,000 volumes are being moved each week, and the beginning of the Christmas recess has been set as the latest day for the completion of the work.