Crimson Calendar

Open to Public.

All notices for the weekly CRIMSON Calendar must be placed in the notice box in the CRIMSON Office on Fridays before 5 o'clock, marked "For the CRIMSON Calendar."

Monday, December 9.

10.30.--Meeting of the President and Fellows of Harvard College at 50 State street.

4.30.--*Lecture by Dr. H. T. Costello on "The Logic of Science. I. The Irrationality of Genius," in Emerson F.

4.30.--Seminary of Economics. "The Award of the Locomotive Engineers' Arbitration Board," by Professor Cunningham, in Upper Dane.

5.00.--*Physical Colloquium. "Wood: on Resonance Spectra of Sodium and Iodine" by Dr. H. L. Blackwell, in Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Room 25.

7.00.--Freshman service in Appleton Chapel.

8.00.--Musical Clubs concert at the Cochato Club in Braintree.

8.15.--Lecture by Major F. C. Marshall in the Dining Room of the Union.

Tuesday, December 10.

4.30.--*Geological Conference. "The Geology of the Region about Quebee City" by Professor Raymond, in the Mineralogical Lecture Room, University Museum.

4.30.--Fortnightly dinner of the Speakers' Club, in Memorial Hall Banquet Room.

7.00.--Senior Song Competition closes, Manuscripts should be sent to W. R. Burlingame, Thayer 38.

7.00.--Harvard Botanical Club. A Botanical Trip through Australasia by Mr. E. W. Sinnott, at 65 Hammond street.

8.15.--*Dramatic Club's first performance of "The Voice of the People," in Brattle Hall.

8.45.--University Forum in the Dining Room of the Union. Subject: "A New Gymnasium."

Wednesday, December 11.

8.00-7.00.--Senior class election in Phillips Brooks House.

11.00.--Meeting of the Board of Overseers at University 5.

4.30.--*Lecture by Dr. H. T. Costello on "The Logic of Science. II. The Motives of Science," in Emerson F.

6.45.--Graduate School Society of Phillips Brooks House. Professor F. G. Peabody '69 on "The Social Teachings of Jesus Christ," in Books House.

7.00.--*St. Paul's Society. "The Gospel of the Church" by the Rev. G. D. Harris, in Phillips Brooks House.

9.00.--Deutscher Verein: Kneipe, in Trophy Room of the Union.

9.00.--Freshman smoker in the Dining Room of the Union.

9.00.--*Reading by Assistant Professor C. T. Copeland, in Emerson F.

Thursday, December 12.

3.00-6.00.--Reception for Harvard Dames in Brooks House Parlor.

4.45.--*Harvard Zoological Club. "The Reactions of Earthworms to Bitter Substances" by Mr. W. J. Crozier, in Room 46, 4th floor, University Museum.

8.00.--**Boston Symphony Orchestra Concert, in Sanders Theatre.

Friday, December 13.

4.00-6.00.--*University Tea. in Phillips Brooks House.

4.30.--**Lecture on "Leading Ideas of the Present Time. XII. Individualism and Sosialism" by Professor Eucken, in Emerson D. (In German).

4.45.--*Graduate Chemical Club. "The Preparation of Malic Acid from 'Sugar Sand'" by Mr. M. R. Grose, in Boylston 9.

7.00.--Additional nominations for Senior class committees close.

7.30-8.30.--Music in the Living Room of the Union.

8.00.--**First production of Zwei Wappen" by the Deutscher Verein, in Jordan, Hall, Boston.

8.15.--**"The Voice of the People" by the Dramatic Club, in Brattle Hall.

Saturday, December 14.

Last day for receiving applications for Price Greenleaf Aid (third assignment) for students in Harvard College who are eligible for, but have not previously received, an assignment.

8.15.--**"The Voice of the People" by the Dramatic Club, in Jordan Hall.