Will Preach at Regular Sunday Morning Service, Using as His Text "The Undergraduate's Religion."

The Rev. Albert Parker Fitch '00, D.D., will preach in Appleton Chapel at the 11 o'clock service tomorrow on "The Undergraduate's Religion," St. John, 17: 22. He will also conduct morning prayers during the next two weeks.

Dr. Fitch is President of the Andover Theological Seminary. After graduating from Harvard in 1900, he took the degree of B.D. at the Union Theological Seminary in 1903 and that of D.D. at Amherst in 1909. He was ordained in 1903, and has been pastor of the First Church of Flushing, L. I., and of Mt. Vernon Church, Boston. Since 1909, he has held his present position at the Andover Theological Seminary.