Books Have Been Moved From Gore Hall.--Facilities Surpass Old Library in Many Respects.

Randall Hall will open for service this morning at 9 o'clock and will henceforth be the regular headquarters of the College Library. The delivery desk and card catalogues were moved and installed in Randall yesterday and books may be obtained under precisely the same arrangements as in Gore. The Library will be open daily from 9 to 5.30 o'clock.

In some respects Randall will be an improvement over Gore. The added width of the building has made it possible to secure a greater degree of compactness in the arrangement of books, and the necessity of distributing certain classes of books over two or three tiers has been eliminated. The light in the stacks is also much better than in Gore and reading at the stack tables may be done with much greater comfort.

Many Books in Other Buildings.

On account of the smaller amount of available space in Randall it has been necessary to store a considerable number of books in other buildings of the University. These, however, may be obtained at Randall with comparatively little delay by means of the messenger service, which will continue to operate as it has done during the removal. About 400,000 volumes have been shelved in Randall and the service in the delivery of these books will be from now on much more efficient.

A reading room accommodating about 35 men has been constructed above the delivery room and a number of tables have been placed along the north and south corridors of the stacks. These reading room facilities are not, however, for general use, but only for persons having permission to use the stacks.