*Open to University. **Open to Public.

All notices for the weekly CRIMSON Calendar must be placed in the notice box in the CRIMSON Office on Fridays before 5 o'clock, marked "For the CRIMSON Calendar."

Sunday, April 7.

7.30.--St. Paul's Society Easter Corporate Communion at Christ Church.

10.15.--Christian Association weekly meeting in Brooks House. Leader, A. Beane '11.

11.00.--**Easter service by Rev. E. C. Moore in Appleton Chapel.

4.00.--**Lecture. "Certain Topics in the Hygiene of Women," by Dr. C. M. Green '74, at the Medical School, Longwood Avenue, Boston. Open only to women.

4.00-6.00.--*President and Mrs. Lowell at home to students.

Monday, April 8.

10.30.--Meeting of President and Fellows of Harvard College, at 50 State Street, Boston.

3.00.--**Soccer game with Haverford at Haverford.

5.00.--*Physical Colloquium. "Recent Progress in Schumann Region," by Professor Lyman, in Room 25, Jefferson Physical Laboratory.

7.00.--Freshman mandolin club meeting in Trophy Room of Union.

7.00.--Mission study classes for Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores at Brooks House.

7.00.--Preliminary trials for Freshman debating teams, in Sever 11.

8.00.--Modern Language Conference. Address on "The Development of Poetic Style in German," by Professor Walz, in Common Room, Conant Hall.

8.15.--**First public performance of Dramatic Club plays in Brattle Hall.

8.15.--Graduate performance of "Imposter," by Pi Eta Society, at clubhouse.

Tuesday, April 9.

Last day for receiving theses in Graduate School of Business Administration.

3.30.--**Baseball game with Boston Americans at Fenway Park, Boston.

4.00.--Special meeting of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, at University 5.

4.30.--**Lecture on "The Life and Work of Tischendorf," by Professor Caspar Rene Gregory, D.D., LL.D., of the University of Leipsic, at Andover Seminary Building, Room A.

4.30.--Geological Conference: "The Cyclonic Unit in New England Weather" (illustrated), by Professor Ward. "Description of Recently Acquired Meteorites and Meteorite Photographs," by Professor Wolff, in Mineralogical Lecture Room, University Museum.

6.30.--Annual dinner of Christian Association in Trophy Room of Union.

8.15.--**Public performance of "Impostor," by Pi Eta Society, in Players' Hall, West Newton.

Wednesday, April 10.

11.00.--Meeting of Board of Overseers, in Faculty Room, University Hall.

7.00.--Freshman mandolin club meeting in Trophy Room of Union.

7.00.--St. Paul's Society weekly meeting. Address on "Emanuel Movement," by Rev. E. Worcester D.D., in Noble Room of Brooks House.

8.00.--*Sixth organ recital by Mr. Samuel Carr, assisted by Miss Alice Robbins Cole, in Andover Chapel.

8.15.--**Public performance of "Impostor," by Pi Eta Society, in Cummings Theatre, Fitchburg.

9.00.--Annual election of officers of the Deutscher Verein, in Trophy Room of Union.

Thursday, April 11.

8.00.--Corporate Communion of St. Paul's Society at Christ Church.

9.00-6.00.--**Architectural Exhibit of designs submitted in the Interscholastic Competition, in Large Drawing Room, Robinson Hall.

4.00.--*Lecture on "The Appraisal of Mines," by Mr. T. A. Rickard, A.R.S.M., in Lecture Room of Rotch Building.

4.30.--Cosmopolitan Club weekly tea, in club rooms, Holyoke 7.

4.30.--Brooklyn Club smoker in Trophy Room of Union.

4.45.--**Harvard Zoological Club. Address on "The Problem of Sex in the Protozoa," by Mr. J. W. Mavor, in Zoological Lecture Room, University Museum, fourth floor, Room 4.

4.45.--*Graduate Chemical Club. Address on "Uranium Compounds," by Mr. Roger Adams. "The Splitting of Benzhydrols by the Action of Bromine," by Mr. G. J. Esselen, Jr., in Boylston 9.

5.00.--*Seventh lecture on the Political Geography of Europe, by Professor R. M. Johnston, in Emerson A.

8.00.--**Menorah Society Lecture. "Representative Men of Israel, III., Isaiah the Prophet," by Dr. David Philipson, of the Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, O., in Emerson J.

8.15.--**Public performance of Dramatic Club plays, in Brattle Hall.

Friday, April 12.

Last day for applying for space to spread in the Yard on Class Day.

3.00.--Handicap track games on Soldiers Field.

7.00.--Final trials for Freshman debating team in Sever 11.

8.00.--**Musical Clubs concert in Providence, R. I.

Saturday, April 13.

3.00.--**Soccer game with Columbia at New York, N. Y.

3.00.--**Baseball game with Johns Hopkins at Baltimore, Md.

3.00.--**Lacrosse game with Johns Hopkins at Baltimore, Md.

8.00.--**Musical Clubs concert at Harvard Club of New York, in New York.

8.15.--**Public performance of Dramatic Club plays, in Jordan Hall, Boston.