First Performance of Pi Eta Play

The first performance of the Pi Eta Society play, "The Imposter," a musical comedy in two acts, will be given, for graduates only, in the club theatre this evening at 8.15 o'clock.

Public performances will take place in Players' Hall, West Newton, tomorrow evening, in Cummings Theatre, Fitchburg, on Wednesday evening, at the club theatre, Cambridge, on April 25 and 26, at 8.15 o'clock, and at Jordan Hall, Boston, on April 27, at 2.15 o'clock. Tickets for the Fitchburg performance at from 50 cents to $2, and for all other performances at $1.50, may be obtained from D. H. Bigelow '13, Box 73, Cambridge, or at Amee's or Leavitt and Peirce's.

The book is by J. L. Hannan '12, the lyrics and music by H. W. Cheney '12 and R. L. Blaikie '14, with additional musical numbers by D. N. Tweedy '12 and D. H. Bigelow '13. The Cast

The cast of characters is as follows: Alex Battendorf, An American, the Real King, formerly of Cambridge,  P. S. Bliss '14 Jimmie Caldwell, His Friend, the False King, formerly of Cambridge,  H. W. Cheney '12 Sam Jackson, "Shins," Jimmie's Body Guard,  D. Needham '13 General Misbarck, the Chancellor,  J. Indlekofer '13 Duke of Ponce, a Nobleman and Tippler,  W. Bulkeley '15 Captain Oratz, Captain of the Castle Guard,  J. H. Perry '12 Jack Mulroney, a Trainer of Athletes,  W. M. Parker '12 Bishop of Tulane,  T. E. Alcorn '13 Marguerite, the Daughter of the Duke,  R. H. Allen '14 Florentine Farrington, a Chorus Girl, New York City,  W. Leonhauser '13 Silvia, Duchess of Rhinland, Ruler of Mythyopia, the King's Betrothed,  C. G. Browne '13 Executioner,  F. O. Berquist '12

Chorus Girls--C. T. Callander '13, A. T. Foster '14, S. T. Guild '13, W. H. Heywood '12, W. A. Hood '12, H. A. McLean '14, A. W. Rolfe '12, C. von Tobel '14.

Chorus Men--G. E. Akerson '12, G. F. Cherry '13, P. Dunbar '12, W. K. Green '13, M. S. Robbins '12, S. M. Shotwell '14, P. J. C. Ughetta '12, W. A. Wilson '13.

Ponies--E. C. Brown '12, W. M. Conant '12, H. Dunbar '13, B. Miller '14, H. S. Ogden '12, H. E. Ripley '14, F. H. Smith '12.