Second Freshman Debate Trials

The second trials for the Freshman debating teams to take part in the second annual Freshman Triangular debate will be held in Sever 11, tonight, at 7 o'clock. The following 16 men, arranged in the order in which they are to speak, will speak for ten minutes on either side of the question, "Resolved, That the initiative and referendum be generally adopted in the American states," twelve of them being retained for the final trials to be held next Friday: J. Davis, S. H. Lewis, R. H. Pass, E. S. Greider, E. R. Roberts, B. Woronoff uC., B. Winkelman, L. E. Knowlton, P. Barnet, G. P. Pennoyer, H. W. Schlaffhorst, E. F. Cahill, R. E. Shillady, L. G. Burgevin, H. S. King and R. W. Chubb.