Additional Courses That May be Anticipated by Three-Hour Examinations.

At a recent meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, it was decided that after 1912 the following College courses might be anticipated by three-hour examinations, provided the candidate in each case satisfies the department concerned that he has an adequate preparation for the examination: Italian 1, Spanish 1, German C, 1a, 1b. 2a, and 2b, Semitic 1 and 2, Music 1 and 2, Mathematics D, E, K, and L. It is understood that students may anticipate English A. German A, and French A, in the manner set forth on page 505 of the University Catalogue for 1911-1912. Aside from these examinations, students desiring to enter courses above the elementary grade will be afforded an opportunity to present evidence of their fitness.