Brooks House Committees Appointed

The Phillips Brooks House Association has appointed the following committee chairmen for next year: social service, E.D. Smith '13, of Chicago, Ill.; juvenile court, P.J. White, Jr., '13, of Green Ridge, L.I., N.Y.; clothing collection, K. Appollonio '15, of Milton; Cambridge Y.M.C.A., P.H. Stafford '14, of Ballard Vale; Prospect Union, M.M. McDermott 2L., of Chattanooga, Tenn.; entertainments, W.L. Ustick '13, of St. Louis, Mo.; home libraries, H.'S. Thorne '13, of Gardiner, Me.; assignments, M. Fremont-Smith '13, of Washington.

The following committee has been appointed to have charge of the various boys' clubs for next year: C.H. Crombie '14, of West Roxbury; H.G. Francke '14, of Cambridge; S.S. Otis '14, of Winnetka, Ill.; H.R. Page '13, of Chicago, Ill.; and M. Fremont-Smith '13, of Washington, D.C.