At the last meeting of the Student Council, the Executive Committee recommended that the University "H" be awarded to the members of the four-oared crew, regardless of whether it wins or loses at New London. The chief reason for this recommendation is that the standard of rowing in the four-oared is nearly equal to that in the eight-oared race, and it seems manifestly unfair that the awarding of the "H" depend entirely upon the chance of being able to row a little faster that Yale over a two-mile course. It seems as if the awarding of crew insignia should be on the same basis as in football and baseball, and if a man is worthy of representing the University, he should receive the "H" whether the crew wins or loses.

On investigation we find that the Athletic authorities are open to undergraduate opinion on this subject, and as it is important enough to be considered by the Student Council, it seems to us that it should be proposed at the next Athletic Committee meeting and definite action taken upon it.