Seniors Class Occupations

The following is a list of the Senior class, with the occupations which they will severally take up after leaving College:

Adams, D. B., civil engineer.

Akerson, G. E., journalism.

Albach, M. M., law.

Alger, R. T., civil engineer.

Allen, F. L., instructor.

Allen, R. R., instructor.

Allen, W. C., student.

Allen, W. E., civil engineer.

Amory, C. M., banking.

Amory, C., Jr., law.

Anderson, H. L., business.

Anthony, E. W., undecided.

Arai, Y., business.

Asano, R., business.

Averill, C. F., dairyman.

Babson, R. C., business.

Baker, F. C., engineering.

Baker, H. A., law.

Balch, G. H., diplomacy.

Baldwin, T. T., Jr., railroading.

Baldwin, W. H., civil engineering.

Baltzly, A., teaching.

Barber, L. E., business.

Barnes, T. W., Jr., undecided.

Bassett, E. G., teaching.

Benchley, R. C., journalism.

Bennett, S. C., business.

Betteridge, L. C., medicine.

Billings, K. S., manufacturing.

Bixby, W. H., electrical engineering.

Bixby, W. N., missionary.

Blackall, R. M., civil engineering.

Blackett, W. C., business.

Black, F. T., bond business.

Blair, P., undecided.

Bliss, P. W., manufacturing.

Blodgett, E. S., manufacturing.

Bloomfield, D., law.

Bohm, A. S., merchant of whisky.

Boit, J. E., undecided.

Bolling, R. H., business.

Bollman, H., journalism.

Bolton, I. C., iron and steel business.

Bolton, N. C., iron and steel business.

Bolton, W. R., Jr., civil engineer.

Booth, L., undecided.

Boothby, R. E., teaching.

Bouve, W. L., Jr., agriculture.

Bowditch, M., metal refining.

Bowen, J. W., undecided.

Bowles, J. C., business.

Bowles, S. H., journalism.

Bowser, H. R., railroading.

Boyd, F. S., architect.

Boyd, G., agriculture.

Boyd, M. M., farming.

Boyd, W. B., mechanical engineering.

Boynton, C. R., manufacturing.

Bradley, H. W., Chinese customs house.

Breck, L. A., merchant.

Breed, A. F., undecided.

Breland, H. H., law.

Briggs, M. M. T., medicine.

Brigham, A. D., law.

Britten, R., undecided.

Brock, N. H., undecided.

Brooks, C. F., instructor.

Brown, E. C., law.

Browne, C. N., undecided.

Buckley, N. A., painting.

Buckman, T. E., medicine.

Bryan, E. T., chemist.

Campbell, T. J., business.

Candee, F. W., electrical engineer.

Catheron, L. J., business.

Chadbourn, R. W., electrical engineer.

Cheney, H. W., mining.

Chenoweth, L. H., undecided.

Childs, J. S., banking.

Chisholm, A. W., electrical engineer.

Clark, F. T., banking.

Clark, M. M., journalism.

Clark, W., law.

Clement, G. K., shoe business.

Clifford, R., undecided.

Clifford, R. C., student.

Clinton, C. K., architect.

Clinton, L. N., engineering.

Codman, W. C., Jr., agriculture.

Cohn, P. L., law.

Conant, W. M., Jr., business.

Conovitz M., teacher.

Conroy R. S., undecided.

Creban, H. L., teacher.

Cross, S. H., student.

Crowley, T. J., civil engineering.

Cummin, P. C., department store.

Currier, R. C., instructor.

Curtis, A. S., shoe manufacturing.

Cutting, C. S., chemist.

Dahl, D., teacher.

Davison, F. C., undecided.

Davis, E. T., steel manufacturing.

Dawes, I. D., business.

Day, J. T., undecided.

Dean, K., business.

Deane, H. T., undecided.

Dennis, F. J., undecided.

Desha, J. R., law.

Dewey, H. C., lumber business.

deWindt, H., business.

Diehl, O. R., medicine.

Di Pesa, J. A., law.

Dobbyn, J. F., Jr., mechanical engineer.

Donovan, J. B., Jr., law.

Douglas, C. G., law.

Douglas, R., undecided.

Dow, M. S., mechanical engineering.

Dubbel, S. E., instructor.

Duncan, R. F., journalism.

Durfee, P. S., economic geologist.

Dwyer, R. M., manufacturing.

Eager, H., medicine.

Eager, J. M., architect.

Earle, C. C., Jr., chemist.

Eaton, H. E., real estate.

Eaton, R. J., banking.

Edwards, G. D., electrical engineer.

Ehrmann, H. B., lawyer.

Elliott, J., business.

Emery, H. G., undecided.

Ensign, C. deL., manufacturing.

Ernst, G. A., undecided.

Farnsworth, H. W., undecided.

Farquhar, S. T., undecided.

Faxon, H. P., American Soda Fountain Company.

Fernald, T. W., undecided.

Fernald, W. H., business.

Fernberg, C. L., student.

Ferry, R. M., medicine.

Files, R. A., law.

Findlay, C. W., ministry.

Flint, E. G., Jr., jeweller.

Foisie, F. P., civic and social work.

Fox, C. J., instructor.

Frankel, C. W., law.

French, F. O., hydraulic engineer.

French, J. G., wholesale druggist.

Fuller, H. N., law.

Gaddis, H. L., business.

Gardner, G. K., law.

Gibson, H. T., wool business.

Gifford, H. A., broker.

Gifford, N. R., undecided.

Gifford, P., wholesale grocery.

Gilkey, J. G., student.

Godfrey, F. H., wholesale lumber.

Goethals, T. R., medicine.

Golden, N., law.

Goldsmith, A. J., banking.

Goldschmidt, R. F., hydraulic engineer.

Gooding, F., business.

Goodwin, J. G., instructor.

Graham, C. J., insurance.

Grant, H. G., journalism.

Gray, F. C., law.

Gray, G. W., journalism.

Gray, R. W., law.

Grimes, W. M., accounting.

Grinnell, L. I., undecided.

Grosberg, C. M., merchant.

Gross, R. S., undecided.

Grover, F. L., chemist.

Groves, H. L., business.

Gupta, D. C., business.

Haberkorn, C. H., Jr., table manufacturing.

Hager, D., steel business.

Hale, G. R., electrical engineer.

Hallowell, M. L., flour business.

Hancock, F. R., music.

Hanford, L. N., publishing.

Hannan, J. L., law.

Hanks, S. S., diplomacy.

Hanscom, D. W., undecided.

Hansen, C. E., business.

Hansonf A. W., teacher.

Hardon, H. K., student.

Harlow, M. L., business.

Harlow, R. L., teaching.

Harrop, G. A., Jr., medicine.

Hart, M. L., manufacturing.

Haussermann, O. W., law.

Hayward, G. D., undecided.

Heard, J., Jr., undecided.

Hegarty, H. S., mining engineering.

Heller, N. A., law.

Henderson, G. C., journalism.

Henderson, W. S., business.

Hendrick, L. M., architect.

Heywood, W. H., coal business.

Higginson, F., Jr., textile manufacturing.

Hill, F. W., engineering.

Hoar, J., law.

Hobble, J. R., instructor.

Hoffman, M., architect.

Holt, C. H., insurance.

Holt, H., undecided.

Hood, W. S., civil engineer.

Hoskins, C. H., accounting.

Houston, P. K., undecided.

Hovey, J. A., manufacturing.

Howe, H. R., leather business.

Howe, J. M., Jr., undecided.

Howell, C., cordage manufacturing.

Hubbard, C. W., manufacturing.

Hudson, O. B., medicine.

Huncke, G. D., instructor.

Hunnewell, A. W., undecided.

Huntington, F. D., business.

Hutchins, D., business.

Hyde, F. S., law.

Isham, H. F., salesman for farming machinery.

Jenkins, D. L., Jr., architect.

Johnson, R., civil engineer.

Jones, B. N., law.

Junkin, C. J., law.

Kaemmerling, G., mechanical engineering.

Kaemmerling, G. H., mechanical engineering.

Keay, A. K., agriculture.

Kelley, A. T., business.

Kempton, K. P., instructor.

Kendall, T. R., civil engineering.

Kennedy, J. P., business.

Kenney, J. E., mining engineering.

Kimball, G. W., forestry.

Kimball, H. C., mining engineering.

King, J. A., steel manufacturing.

Kingman, S. S., banking.

Kittredge, H. C., teaching.

Kittredge, J., Jr., forestry.

Knapp, J. H., instructor.

Knauth, A. W., law.

Knowles, R. W., iron business.

Knowles, W. F., statistician.

Knowlton, E. C., teaching.

Kobblitz, A. F., instructor.

Lacey, W. H., medicine.

La Croix, F. W., wholesale leather.

Lafferty, R. T., law.

Land, R. W., law.

Lancaster, E. S., accounting.

Langmann, H. G., medicine.

Lanman, C. B., manufacturing.

Lanman, T. H., business.

Lawrence, W. L., playwriting.

Lee, Y. Y., government service.

Leonard, F. E., undecided.

Leslie, F. H., undecided.

Levin, W., chemist.

Lewis, metallurgist.

Levison, L. C., banking.

Libbey, H. A., engineering.

Libbeman, E. M., business.

Libbey, M., manufacturing.

Lievrance, L. V., instructor.

Lindquist, G. H., business.

Linehan, W. F., instructor.

Lobman, M. C., wholesale dry goods.

Lorenz, K., law.

Lothrop, G. E., theatrical manager.

Lowry, F. P., medicine.

Lowell, R., undecided.

Lyon, H. K., private secretary.

Macy, W. K., tea business.

Mahaffey, J. S., teaching.

Mann, G. F., law.

Mansfield, W. H., telephone.

Marble, R. M., forestry.

Marean, E., undecided.

Marr, R. H., Architect.

Marsh, C. H., civil engineer.

Mashima, C., student

Mason, H., law.

McCaffrey, G. H., teaching.

McCall, T., law.

McDonald, A., architect.

McKinney, E. L., structural steel.

McKinnon, J. W., Jr., insurance.

McLean, A. F., traveling salesman.

McLoughlin, G., undecided.

McNeil, J. G., shoe business.

McQuesten, G. E., undecided.

Mead, F. R., manufacturing.

Merrick, C. F., Jr., undecided.

Metcalf, G. P., wool.

Miley, F. S., civil engineering.

Miller, A. W., teaching.

Miller, G. W., journalism.

Miller, H. E., manufacturing.

Miller, H. W., railroading.

Mills, S. L., undecided.

Mixter, S., business.

Moderwell, H. K., music critic.

Moffat, B. W., medicine.

Monheimer, M., law.

Moody, Van B., teaching.

Moorehead, W. G., Jr., undecided.

Mora-Rodriguez, T. T., engineering.

Morison, S. B., accounting.

Morris, B., undecided.

Morris, V., engineering.

Morrison, B., law.

Morrison, F. H., medicine.

Morrison, G. E., undecided.

Morse, H. R., business.

Morse, R., student.

Mumford, B., undecided.

Munn, J. B., undecided.

Murphy, G. B., law.

Murray, A. C., civil engineering.

Murray, R., road building.

Newton, G. F., Jr., architect.

Nichols, A., III, medicine.

Nightingale, G. F., teaching.

Noli, F. S., ministry.

Nonnan, L. A., undecided.

O'Brien, E. J., author.

Ogden, H. S., law.

O'Keefe, L. G., teaching.

O'Keefe, P., engineering.

O'Neill, M. E., Jr., undecided.

Osgood, G. D., chemist.

Overholser, W., accountant.

Packard, F., medicine.

Paessler, R. T., industrial chemistry.

Palmer, E. J. B., chemistry.

Park, L. F., architect.

Parker, C. S., teaching.

Parker, R. S., undecided.

Parks, W. H., architect.

Parry, J. D., business.

Patrick, W. E., ministry.

Peabody, C. W., law.

Petizra, C. O., law.

Perkins, W. A., medicine.

Perley, C. S., music.

Perry, C. C., forestry.

Perry, J. H., Jr., engineering.

Peters, J. L., naturalist.

Peters, R. W., business.

Petts, S. F., Jr., undecided.

Pettus, J. H., business.

Pfaelzer, O. D., manufacturing.

Phenix, G. S., civic work.

Piper, R. C., law.

Pierce, E. P., teaching.

Pitman, B., merchant.

Potter, R. S., undecided.

Pratt, J. R., manufacturing.

Preble, B. M., undecided.

Prescott, W. B., manufacturing.

Prior, A. A., engineering.

Putnam, J. J., Jr., medicine.

Ramsay, C. M., engineering.

Randall, C. B., law.

Ranney, D. P., law.

Rapport, D. L., medicine.

Rashken, S. J., business.

Reed, I. E., mining.

Reilly, R. W., broker.

Redway, L. D., medicine.

Reed, G. B., teaching.

Reed, H. G., business.

Reeves, H. E., business.

Reid, H. C., law.

Reinhart, McC., business.

Reinstein, V., student.

Reisinger, C. H., business.

Rice, C. L., engineering.

Richard, A., 2d, banking.

Richardson, A. B., manufacturing.

Ridgely, C., insurance.

Rietmiller, O. C., undecided.

Ripley, H. B. H., railroading.

Robbins, M. S., business.

Robbins, R. E., undecided.

Robert, A. A., Jr., undecided.

Roberts, B. E., medicine.

Robinson, student.

Rogers, W. F., law.

Rolfe, A. W., wholesale fruit.

Roosevelt, K., chemistry.

Roosevelt, O. W., medicine.

Rosenstein, A., architect.

Ross, T. S., business.

Rothenberg, L. M., business.

Rouillard, I. G., ministry.

Rubin, D., law.

Ruggles, W. W., engineering.

Rushton, G. H., dairying.

Sammons, W., journalism.

Sapinsky, L. W., clothing business.

Savage, J. B., law.

Scharer, O. G., student.

Schmied, L. L., business.

Schoonmaker, T. R., engineering.

Schuler, L. A., journalism.

Seavey, C. M., chemistry.

See, A. B., automobile business.

Seligmann, H. J., undecided.

Seltzer, G. E., accountant.

Shepherd, W. E., Jr., undecided.

Sibley, J. R., business.

Simons, E. G., business.

Simpkins, J., manufacturing.

Simpson, J. A., business.

Sjostrom, F. L. H., business.

Smart, S. B., business.

Smith, F. H., silver business.

Smith, H. W., teaching.

Smith, L. D., railroading.

Smith, T. E., law.

Spaulding, J. A., teaching.

Spencer, G. T., medicine.

Sprague, E. C., law.

Staples, L. C., ministry.

Stebbins, J. L., business.

Stern, N. S., medicine.

Stifel, R. E., medicine.

Stiles, R., law.

Stone, D. F., undecided.

Storey, C. M., law.

Stow, A. E., law.

Stowell, T. C., journalism.

Strauss, A. E., medicine.

Strong, A., cotton.

Stuart, F. W., Jr., teaching.

Sturgis, N. R., architect.

Sturtevant, R. S., architect.

Suter, J. W., Jr., ministry.

Suter, P. H., felt.

Swan, J., law.

Swigert, C. F., Jr., business.

Thompson, H. I., undecided.

Thurlow, C. J., engineering.

Tobey, W. P., dry goods.

Tolles, S. H., Jr., undecided.

Torrey, L. C., engineering.

Totton, F. M., banking.

Townsend, R. M. F., engineering.

Tripp, B. A., architect.

Trumbull, J. C. banker.

Tryon, H. H., forestry.

Tully, G. L., medicine.

Tweedy, D. N., journalism.

Twomey, J. C., law.

Underwood, S., business.

Usher, E. P., Jr., farming.

Vanderbilt, H. M., teaching.

Vernon, B. N., law.

Voorhees, H. M., law.

Walker, G. C., teaching.

Walling, L. S., law.

Warner, S. B., law.

Warren, E. H., law.

Warren, H. S., law.

Warren, W. H., law.

Washburn, A. D., teaching.

Wasser, A., engineering.

Waole, L. O., law.

Weinberg, J. L., architect.

Wells, R. A., merchant.

Wenrick, R. N., undecided.

West, B., publishing.

Weston, R., law.

Wheeler, F. W., bond business.

Wheeler, R. A., insurance.

Whidden, R. A., manufacturing.

White, E. A., teaching.

Whitman, F. N., business.

Whitman, F. W., teaching.

Whitman, G., cotton.

Wiechmann, W. G., law.

Wiener, R., law.

Wiggins, J. G., teaching.

Wigglesworth, R. B., law.

Wightman, G. W., undecided.

Wilbur, G. B., 2d, medicine.

Wilcox, H., engineering.

Wilder, C. E., undecided.

Wilkins, R. S., law.

Williams, M. R., Jr., undecided.

Williams, R. W., law.

Willis, H. B., architect.

Wilson, J. D., teaching.

Withington, P. R., medicine.

Witmer, W. S., engineering.

Wolfson, H., rabbi.

Woodard, C. A., law.

Woodward, P. J., undecided.

Woodward, W. C., engineering.

Woolverton, R. B., wireless.

Worcester, W. S., business.

Wyman, F., manufacturing.

Yarnall, A. C., business.

Yen, S. C., student.

Young, K. T., paper dealer.

Ziegel, H. H., undecided