Eighteen Men Received Freshman Numerals as Result of Yale Game on Saturday.

The following members of the Freshman baseball squad won the 1915 baseball numerals in the game with the Yale Freshmen played at New Haven last Saturday: E. H. Alsop, of Washington, D. C.; R. R. Ayres, of Montclair, N. J.; M. L. Bernson, of Somerville; C. E. Brickley, of Everett; D. DeWindt, of Winnetka, III.; R. B. Frye, of Marlboro; R. T. Gannett, of Cambridge; H. R. Hardwick, of Quincy; A. D. Macdonald, of West Medford; W. Mason, of Fall River; D. K. Packard, of Roxbury; M. B. Phillips, of Newton Centre; R. R. West, of Newton Centre; P. Wharton, of Groton; J. Winlock, of Cambridge; P. Winsor, of Weston; in addition, managers L. Cunningham, of Brookline, and L. F. Hooper, of Montclair, N. J.