Fall Work Will Consist of a Scrub Series.--Cups to Be Awarded.

Fall practice for both the University and Freshman lacrosse teams will start on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 4 o'clock. The regular season does not begin until spring, but several scrub games will be played. A game has been planned for October 12 between the University team and a team composed of former lacrosse stars.

The squad will be divided into four or five scrub teams and a series of games will commence on Wednesday, October 16. Silver cups will be awarded, as last year, to each member of the winning team.

Several of the best players of last year's championship team have been lost by graduation, but those who are still in College should form a nucleus for a strong team. The men who played on The University team last year and may be counted on this season are: R. Beatley '13, F. R. Churchill '13, N. B. Lincoln '13, W. J. MacKenzie '13, R. S. Simmons '13, J. W. White '13, and R. G. Wilson '14.

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