Gifts to the University

At a recent meeting of the President and Fellows it was voted that their gratitude be expressed to the following persons for their generous gifts:

To Mrs. Thomas Hall, for her gift of $10,000 to establish the Thomas Hall scholarship or scholarships in memory of her son, Thomas Hall, Jr., of the class of 1893, the income to be awarded to a member of the Freshman class.

To Mr. John S. Lawrence, for his gift of $500 for special research work in the Graduate School of Business Administration.

To the class of 1902, for the gift of $300 for a scholarship for the year 1912-13 to commemorate the decennial celebration of the class.

To the Harvard Club of Long Island, for the gift of $200 for the scholarship for the year 1912-13.

To the Wireless Specialty Company of Boston, for its gift to the Jefferson physical Laboratory of a complete wireless telegraph receiving' apparatus.