"The Romance of the Rose," "Home Sweet Home" and "Pierre Patelin" In Agassiz House Tonight.

The "47 Workshop" of Harvard and Radcliffe will give its first production of the year tonight in Agassiz House, Radcliffe. There are three short plays on the program. "The Romance of the Rose," a musical pantomime by S. J. Hume '13 and T. M. Spelman '13, is to be produced with scenery in the style of Gordon Craig under whom Hume has studied. G. Hale '15 has assisted in the designing and painting of the set. "Home Sweet Home," a serious play of tenement life was written by Miss Violet Robinson, recently of Radcliffe. Professor Richard T. Holbrook has revised his translation of the old French farce "Pierre Patelin" specially for this performance. The chief purpose of the "Workshop" is to fit original productions for public performance, but this last play is to be given in accordance with the purpose of the organization to offer, from time to time, some master-piece of dramatic art.