Dr. Howland Believes Huerta Not Responsible for Madero's Death.

"Mexico's present political condition" was the topic spoken on by Dr. John Howland, for thirty-one years a missionary in Guadalajara, Mexico, at a meeting of the Student Volunteers on last Saturday.

It was of interest to learn that Dr. Howland does not believe Provisional. President Huerta to have been responsible for the death of Madero, but that his assassination was the result of the great antagonism he aroused by his wholesale execution of men opposed to him during the latter part of his administration.

When elected by Congress to his present position Huerta was at once officially recognized by 26 of the 27 states and territories, and he held undisputed power for five days till Madero's death. He has since done his best to pacify the republic, the opposition being almost wholly due to bandits, among whom are the detested Zapata and Villa, and Madero's brother-in-law, Carranza. The country is much quieter now than it has been for some time, and a peaceful election is looked for on October 26.